DIY Home Testing and Cleaning—Before Getting a Professional Quote AND Before Panic Sets In

Hi, Friends! Today, I have a very exciting post to share with you. It comes to me from a reader of the blog. He encountered a mold problem in a friend's home and decided to [...]

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How to Freshen a Room Prior to Move-in

Now that we are fully “moved,” I say that lightly, because we are FAR from settled, into our new house in Tennessee, we are working room-by-room to make it comfortable, beautiful and homey for our [...]

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Cold Fogging: A Useful Mold-Cleaning Tool for Larger Projects

It’s been a while since we “talked,” but I’m back and have a new exciting mold story for you. Yay! I can tell you are as interested to hear it as I am to tell [...]

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Understanding A Mold Reaction

Macro of a penicillium species of mold growing on a lemon causing it to decay. Today, I am linking to a new article on the Sinusitis Wellness blog. The article explains the physiology [...]

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Is the DIY Mold Test Kit by My Mold Detective an Innovation or a Step Backward?

An up-close look at Aspergillus Niger, a toxic strain of mold. Have you watched television lately? I know in a world where most of us are watching Netflix or Apple TV, instead of [...]

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How To Clean Painted Walls for Mold

Hey, hey! How’s your summer going? Mine is great, and I’m getting lots of chances to help other family members tackle their mold-cleaning woes. Right now, I’m still in Atlanta at my parent’s house—the home [...]

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