OM…MG, That Smells! How and Why to Clean Your Yoga and Workout Mats for Mold and Bacteria

This post has been a long time coming. In other words, I’ve been neglecting doing this, finally got to it, and then wanted to share my experience and methods with you guys as soon as [...]

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How to Clean Your Nose for Mold: A Gentle and Effective Natural Sinus Rinse

It’s no secret that it is officially flu season. Every year since my family’s mold exposure, when winter hits, I get a case of the upper respiratory, sinus-centered junk that goes around like wildfire. It [...]

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A Holistic Approach to Healing the Body Post Toxic Mold Exposure with Special Guest Dr. Eric Wood, ND

Healing my body and mind post mold exposure has been a journey of epic of proportions for both me and my family. It seems that each month of exposure equates to a year of health [...]

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Environmental Illness: When Your Health Issues Go Beyond The Mold

In the isolation and helplessness someone suffering with an environmental illness sometimes experiences, Matthew Hogg has managed to create an uplifting, information-rich online environment that brings hope and illumination to some of life’s most misunderstood [...]

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