Product Profile and Giveaway: EC3 Candles—an Easy Way to Purify Your Indoor Air

Let me start this blog post with a confession: I LOVE candles! I love how candlelight looks and makes me feel—calm and introspective. I love the way scented candles smell when burning, although, sadly for [...]

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Is Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Health Problems?

When I started this blog, I wanted to do more than to just post different ways of “How to Clean for Mold,” even though that is the blog’s title. For me, figuring out the mold [...]

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Mold News: Study Associates Chronic Sinusitis With Head and Neck Cancers just posted a study from the JAMA Network Journal, linking chronic sinusitis to head and neck cancers in the elderly. The study classifies chronic sinusitis as an episode that persists longer than 12 weeks. [...]

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Additional Uses for Homemade Daily Shower Spray

Hi, Y'all! I know that I always like when one cleaner has additional uses. I'm writing this post today, because I have great news! The shower spray that I brought to you the other day, [...]

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Air IS Important–The Toxin Alzheimer’s Link

Structures in the brain cortex of an Alzheimer's patient contain fungal protein (Green). Today, I am linking to an article on that was recently published talking about the link between toxic particles [...]

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Make Your Own Shower Spray

Today’s post is short and sweet. It comes as an answer to a friend’s email, asking me if there is any product she can spray inside her shower after daily use to just leave on, [...]

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