Mold in the News: Is Mold Really Dangerous to Your Health?

I struggled with whether or not to post this. I have strong feelings about this topic, so I decided to go ahead and do it, in case some of you struggle with it too. Today, [...]

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Solving Your Mold Problems: Reader Q&A

Hi! Today, I am excited to bring you a new sort of post—well, it’s actually more of a Q&A exchange, where a reader of the blog wrote in to ask me a specific “how to [...]

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How To Thoroughly Clean Your Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks (Especially for Mold and Bacteria)

Mold sometimes forms in places where you would least expect it. Today, I want to address one, or should I say two of those places: cutting boards—both the plastic and the wood variety and butcher [...]

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Misdiagnosed Life Podcast and Interview with Sinusitis Expert Dr. Donald Dennis

Today, I am sharing a wonderful interview from the Misdiagnosed Life Podcast, part of the America Out Loud Network. For those who have never heard of America Out Loud, it is a network that leverages [...]

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Black Mold Exposure–The Movie

Hi! Sometimes, I need to get away from the day-to-day cleaning for bit, in order to learn more, and to connect with others trying to educate about indoor air quality and mold. The more knowledge [...]

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Product Profile and Giveaway: EC3 Candles—an Easy Way to Purify Your Indoor Air

Let me start this blog post with a confession: I LOVE candles! I love how candlelight looks and makes me feel—calm and introspective. I love the way scented candles smell when burning, although, sadly for [...]

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